Women’s Health: Getting A Specific Health Plan, Just For You

February 21, 2016

A health care plan for women is a great way to ensure that you are checked at regular intervals. With the number of risks a woman faces medically, it is a good idea to sign up for a long-term form of care so that you do not need to worry about looking for a specialist to take care of your health at the last minute. Many plans include various services like menopausal treatment, prevention or management of osteoporosis and cancer detection.

Gene testing for Breast and Ovarian Cancer

A BRCA test is a simple blood test where the genes get analyzed. The mutations that take place in the genes need to be studied in order to see if you have a risk of getting ovarian or breast cancer. Those who possess this specific type of gene change often have a relatively high risk of getting one of these cancer forms. If you have any kind of family history of breast or ovarian cancer, you should get this test conducted so that the doctor can then tell you how to look for any signs of the cancer so it can be caught as early as possible if it does affect you.

Osteoporosis Management

This disease is present in men and women. But studies have shown that women after menopause, especially Asian women, are at a higher risk of getting osteoporosis. However, a basic combination of supplements, medicines and specific exercises for your bones could go a long way in keeping the bones stronger and preventing this problem or managing it as best as possible.

Coping with Menopause

Menopause is a turning point in a woman’s life because this is the last stage of the menstruation cycle. Different women have different symptoms during this time so it is nice to prepare yourself and talk to a doctor. Not only will you be able to cope with the changes in your body better but you will also have someone to talk to during this time.

The Evolution of A Health Insurance Firm

February 1, 2016

Everybody knows that medical insurance protection has altered over the past numerous years, however there are still many individuals who do not yet realize the complete impact of the Affordable Care Act, also referred to as Obamacare.

One of the industries that have been significantly affected, is the health insurance industry. Ever since Henry Kaiser executed health insurance for his employees in the 40s and Equitable Life offered the first group health insurance policy about the exact same time, we have been covered for the costs of seeing the doctor and going to the hospital by personal insurance business.

One huge problem with that system was that people who had illness that were deemed uninsurable, were not able to buy adequate coverage, and lots of could not buy any at all due to the fact that they did not certify. However, lots of employees have actually been covered through their companies, and millions more through private medical insurance policies purchased directly through medical insurance agents or medical insurance agencies.

There was never ever any real effort in the insurance industry to build profession companies specializing exclusively in health insurance. Rather, the capability to market medical insurance for the specific market, and group medical insurance came from existing life insurance firms, and existing property and casualty representatives.

These agencies included individuals who had, or who might develop the relationships and contacts with individuals, professionals, and business owners to whom the health insurance strategies existed.

Even with a fairly concentrated effort to reach those people who required coverage, by the time The Affordable Care Act entered into being, there were still around 30 million Americans who continued to be uninsured for medical insurance.

Now, the whole landscape for the distribution of health insurance has altered. Now, instead of medical insurance being delivered entirely by private enterprise, it is managed and only policies that are authorized by the Federal Government are allowed to be sold to the consumer.

At first it appeared that the licensed agents were being edged out by Obamacare, due to the fact that the companies who sold the bulk of the health insurance in America were needed to raise their reserves which backstopped possible future claims, to a level that however removed representative commissions. This brought their commissions down to a level where many representatives and firms were eliminated of company. There was just no other way that a company or an agent who focused on medical insurance alone, could move forward with that particular economic design.

Now it is apparent that agents remain in fact a primary driving force in the sale and application of the AFA, as proven in California where 60 percent of the enrollees in the state exchange were registered by representatives over the efforts of the employed federal government navigators and call center personnel.

Now, the insurance coverage companies, companies and agents have formed new unions, where cooperation and strength in numbers have actually served to create new principles. These cooperative efforts by agencies who deal with marketplace registrations along with ancillary health insurance that can cover the very high deductibles that Obamacare offers are proving to be really effective with great results.

About Health Screening for Women

January 21, 2016

Taking care of yourself is very important. Although it is true that due to work and personal commitments it is often neglected due to lack of time, you need to make time for a regular check-up with your doctor. Generally in the modern age, people tend to get so caught up in their duties they forget that they burn out. This can be quite dangerous as some illnesses do not really show themselves and can go unnoticed for a very long time, by the time which it would be too late to treat it effectively. Another reason people tend to postpone or avoid doctor’s appointments is lack of finances. Medical care can be ridiculously expensive, however if you have an appropriate cover this will be less of a burden on you. In fact, heading for a regular health screening every so often can assist in cutting down your medical costs in the future.


If you are unfamiliar with what a health screening is, it can be very helpful to research and get as much information as you can about the subject. They have been known to save lives through detecting diseases and illnesses early on and enabling people to explore and decide on their treatment options as time is on their side. It can be traumatic to make decisions of literally life and death and especially agonising when these decisions need to be made quickly. A health screening conducted in advance will allow to buy yourself more time which can lead to far more effective medical decisions. As they say, ‘prevention is always better than cure.


Women tend to neglect any ailments and illnesses especially if they are single parents. Due to the constraints placed on them balancing family life and a career, often times they are so busy looking after everyone else that they tend to overlook themselves. A health screening can be specific to males and females and focused tests can be carried out for a more comprehensive look. Women have some compulsory examinations which are actually very important. Some of these include breast cancer for which you should have your first health screen from the age of 20. Especially in cases of breast cancer (or other types of cancer), early detection has increased survival rates drastically and prevented these cancers from spreading into vital organs such as the lungs or brain. Another is cervical exams that can help locate not only cancer of the area but other abnormalities as well.


As there are many different types of health screenings that are available, usually a doctor will sit with you and discuss recommendations for you to choose from. Often times, the criterion remains the same as the basic requirements such as age, health and gender are taken into association. The other is if you have a hereditary condition which increases your chances of developing a disease as the gene has been present in your bloodline, for example diabetes. A health screening will enable the doctor to analyse how prone you are to contracting it and what precautionary methods you need to employ.

5 Keys to Choosing the Right Individual Health Insurance Plan

December 21, 2015

The internet has made it easier to compare different health insurance policies and shortlist health insurance plans. With the right health insurance policy, one can make substantial savings if a family member gets sick. Although there is no golden rule to choose the right individual plan, yet, some common tips help in the decision making process. Five keys to choosing the right individual insurance plan have been listed below:

• Determine your need and your affordability: Even before you start your online search for insurance plans, one needs to be sure about the details of the plan. You need to make sure that the benefits offered by the plan covers what you need for yourself and your family. However, the perfect plan will also come at a considerable cost. As an informed customer, you need to do a proper cost benefit analysis to make sure your trade-off between price and benefit is in the appropriate proportion. If we take into account, frequent trips to the doctors, medications and dental coverage – such scenarios eliminate unsuitable plans and makes the comparison process much easier.

• Don’t overbuy: The scenario is similar to buying a luxury car where the monthly EMI equals your home loan payment. There is no point in purchasing a health insurance policy with benefits which are unlikely to be used at a high and unviable cost. For relatively young and healthy individuals, a policy with a high deductible is more suitable. Deductibles are the amount paid by insurers before certain benefits kick in. A plan with a decent deductible will cost considerably less per month and could save money in the long run.

• Walk through several plans: It is always advisable to go through several plans. In the process, benefits associated with different health insurance plans can be reviewed and analyzed for better decision making. At first glance, some plans may look appealing. Later, the same plan turns out to be a costly affair due to cost sharing arrangement. The burden of medical cost in the future will be a big headache. Hence, going through and analyzing several plans is the best way forward.